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Eliminate machine vibrations with vibration control technology

Many machines cause problems due to disturbing noises and vibrations. The cause lies in their moving and rotating parts – they create an imbalance that leads to annoying vibrations. Vibration dampers from STS Schwingungstechnik reduce these undesirable side effects.

The use of these vibration dampers has a whole range of advantages: If the machine itself is exposed to lower vibrations, the risk of material fatigue is reduced – the service life of the machine increases considerably. But the environment can also breathe a sigh of relief: less noise and stress for people as well as a lower risk of damage to equipment and buildings are the positive effects of vibration dampers.

STS Schwingungstechnik supports you in eliminating the unpleasant consequences of vibrations. We advise you on problem analysis and the selection of suitable vibration dampers – whether for equipment, machines, buildings, vehicles or ships.

Vibration dampers / vibration technology

Vibration dampers are used for the most diverse requirements, such as in generators, combustion engines, compressors, pumps or machines of all kinds.

Vibration dampers, silent blocks (silent bearings), spring damping by shock absorbers or also machine feet, rubber buffers, vibration elements such as vibration absorbers for vibration damping (vibration absorbers), vibration damping –

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Why vibration damping?

Many machines generate unwanted vibrations. The possible consequences are costly damage to equipment and real estate, noise, a poorer quality of life, and even health problems. We provide a remedy.

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The effects of problematic vibrations can be seen, heard and actually felt, even by laypeople. But only an expert has the necessary know-how and technical equipment to accurately identify and eliminate these vibrations.

Products with quality seal

Our recommendation: When purchasing vibration dampers, look for the Schuster identification. It ensures an optimally predictable damping result. Benefit from our patented method for testing and classifying vibration dampers.

Our job is to detect and minimize harmful vibrations for you.

Vibration damping is necessary in many technical areas.

Below are some typical tasks that we solve for you:

  • A construction site outside your building causes server downtime
  • As a vehicle manufacturer, you must effectively compensate for the vibrations of an engine
  • The machines in your production hall cause cracks in the building with their vibrations
  • You are a shipbuilder and looking for suitable dampers for your diesel engines
  • A vibrating washing machine steals the last nerve from you and your neighbours

Do you have a similar problem?

Ask our experts for advice early on and save yourself expensive failed attempts, employees frustrated by the noise and building residents frustrated by the noise, costly repairs to machines and buildings, and health problems.

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