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Solution of complex vibration problems

Solution of complex vibration problems

The effects of problematic vibrations can be seen, heard and actually felt, even by laypeople. But only an expert has the skills and the technical equipment to precisely identify and to eliminate these vibrations. Action must be taken, preferably before damage is caused to machines or buildings. Ideally, however, you will take measures to prevent harmful vibrations from occurring in the first place.

That is why you should seek our advice as early as possible.


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What services does STS Schwingungstechnik offer you?

Test laboratory

STS Schwingungstechnik Schuster GmbH has its own test facilities for static and dynamic analysis. The centrepiece is a DYNA-MESS machine which we use for static and dynamic push and pull tests.

Material nomenclature

after ASTM-D 1418-76

Steps which will be taken by STS Schwingungstechnik

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measurements and calculations

The team from STS Schwingungstechnik will carry out measurements and calculations and will identify the cause of the hazardous resonance states from the oscillation level and frequency analysis.

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Taking these results as a basis , we optimise the set-up, taking account of the machine, machine mounting, building and technology. You benefit from our expertise in dynamics and acoustics and our knowledge of how vibrations impact on buildings, machinery and floors.

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We run a simulation of the changes on the system in advance and can then give you an accurate prediction of the desired result.