Vibration damper type MFH-S

Machine feet for grinding machines-milling machines-lathes

Vibration damper for motors

Vibration damper type MFH-S: Stable without screw and hole

A machine is to be installed safely, but drilling into the floor slab is out of the question? The MFH-S machine base nevertheless provides reliable support. Thanks to its non-slip rubber sole, it sticks independently to the ground.

The MFH-S is flexible and easy to install. It can be replaced in no time at all, is height-adjustable and, thanks to its material properties, is optimally protected against harmful external influences.

Vibration damper STS Schwingungstechnik

Non-slip, flexible, robust and adaptable:

Application examples:

Technical drawing

3D view

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Vibration damper STS Schwingungstechnik